Now It’s Financial Chronicle, Biz Paper From DCHL

Via Televisionpoint

Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd (DCHL), one of India’s biggest media groups and publisher of the leading English daily Deccan Chronicle, has launched its newest print brand Financial Chronicle simultaneously from Hyderabad and Chennai.

At midnight, the newspaper became available on the website This is the first time in the history of journalism that a digital version has preceded the launch of the print version of a newspaper, in sync with the technological accomplishments of a nation in a hurry.

The daily business broadsheet, priced at Rs 1.50, is managed by a young team of media professionals and is mentored by one of the country’s most credible editorial advisory boards.

Well-known agricultural scientist and one of the fathers of India’s Green Revolution, Prof. M. S. Swaminathan; TRAI chairman Nripendra Mishra; founder and mentor of one of India’s most progressive software companies Subroto Bagchi; member of Parliament Sachin Pilot; and DCHL Managing director P. K. Iyer, are on the board. The DCHL chairman T. Venkattram Reddy is chairman of the advisory board.

Further, to uphold transparency and accountability, Financial Chronicle has appointed the former SEBI chairman M. Damodaran, as Ombudsman of the paper. In this capacity, Damodaran will represent readers’ interest in the newsroom, forewarn the editorial team of the pitfalls of frontline reporting, address readers’ grievances and uphold the values of clean and honest journalism.

Venkattram Reddy said, “Financial Chronicle has been crafted as a pure-play business daily to build on the aspirations of a young and prosperous India. FC simplifies business journalism to the basic principle of business, which is transaction. It looks at transaction from the simple premises of buy, sell, spend and save. It reduces business to a clutter-free enterprise shorn of jargon, addressing the concerns of ordinary investors and consumers.”

Commending DCHL on the launch, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Dr Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy, said, “Financial Chronicle should play the role of a catalyst in taking young Indians closer to their hopes and aspirations.”

Prof. Swaminathan, on the launch of Financial Chronicle, said “I am happy that Financial Chronicle is going to enrich the world of financial journalism. I am confident that the timely addition to our media capability in analysing financial issues, both national and local, will make a significant contribution to the growth of our economy.”

Damodaran remarked, “Your newspaper envisages that the Ombudsman should address issues proactively and in near-concurrent fashion. Be that as it may, you and I must together seek to establish on a continuing basis — for it seems to need establishing in these times — that readers are, and will remain, the primary constituency of a newspaper. Let us embark on that journey as this new entrant to the world of financial journalism begins to chronicle the story of a nation on the move.”

Bagchi, who is a former COO and current Gardener of Bangalore’s hotshot software enterprise, MindTree Consulting, says, “I am delighted to be of use to the Financial Chronicle editorial team.”

Mishra, TRAI chairman, said, “I wish Financial Chronicle the very best to uphold the values of journalism, free from state intervention and in bridging the technological divide that mass communications entails.”Pilot, MP, wrote, “Please accept my heartiest congratulations to this new venture. I am happy to be part of the team of advisers of Financial Chronicle. I take this opportunity to wish the entire team a grand success.”

Financial Chronicle will soon hit the stands in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. The paper has created a record of sorts reaching readers in the shortest possible time of less than three months since it was announced on the Bombay Stock Exchange on January 27. The paper will be available Monday through Friday.


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